How to disinfect your countertops

Countertop CleaningMaintaining a thoroughly disinfected kitchen might very well turn out to be the best thing you can do in order to protect yours and your family’s health. Since this is the place where you prepare your food, the kitchen becomes a breeding ground for bacteria of all kinds, so you will have to put extra effort into ensuring this area is safe.

Listed below are several tips by Cleaners Chelsea that if followed will guarantee that the countertops and other surfaces in your kitchen are disinfected in the best way possible:

  • The easiest way to make sure that unwanted bacteria are not present in your kitchen is to remove any stains the moment they occur. No matter whether you have just spilled some gravy juice or there is a major splashing in the area around the stovetops, remove them the moment they occur. This is make the whole process of kitchen cleaning much easier too.

  • If you want bacteria free countertops, you need bacteria free sponges with which to clean them. It is as simple as that. For that purpose all you have to do is completely clean the sponges after use, leave them to dry well, and of course replace them every couple of weeks. You can also try the old trick of putting the sponge in a bowl of water and microwave it. It is proven to work great.

  • Countertop CleaningThere is no need to use expensive chemical disinfectants. The simplest thing to do is use ordinary bleach which both provides great results and is quite cost-effective. The solution is made with ¼ cup of regular household bleach and 2 ½ cups of water.

  • The important thing to do if you want your countertops and general surfaces in your kitchen to be completely bacteria free and healthy is to make sure they are dry at any moment. Moisture is a prerogative for the formation of real bacteria colonies in your kitchen. So, wipe out any water spills that occur on the countertops immediately and you will reduce the chance of having bacteria related problems in your kitchen considerably.

  • Instead of using chemical cleaning solutions, you can always go for the eco-friendly homemade products. White vinegar is notorious for being the best disinfectant of them all, so a solution made by mixing vinegar and water will definitely provide you with quite satisfactory results.