How to turn your home into a bacteria free environment

Home CleaningThere are several tested methods that will allow you to have your home disinfected using only eco (hence health-) friendly substances. You have heard right – no more harsh chemicals and you can forget about all worries about allergies and the rest of the unpleasant consequences of using chemicals in your cleaning process.

  • We will start with the real classic. Any general white vinegar will be much better for disinfecting the surfaces in your home than the products you can buy from the local supermarket. And it is one hundred percent organic. It is perfect for cleaning glass and metal items, as well as disinfecting countertops. What is more, it is a really cost efficient alternative to any commercial cleaning product.

  • If you are looking for an accessible stain remover for your carpets and upholstery, just use Hydrogen Peroxide. Put the solution in a spray bottle of your choice and you are ready to fight any stain on the furniture and floors of your home.

  • The Australian Melaleuca tree is a source of the magnificent all natural tea tree oil. According to Carpet Cleaning Brentford in addition to its application in cosmetics, it can be used as a home cleaner when mixed with the proper amount of water. Because of the high levels of concentration of the tea tree oil, all you need is a few drops in a bowl of water in order to achieve the desired effect.

  • Home CleaningBaking soda cannot be used a disinfectant alone, but it is great cleanser, so just mix it with your vinegar solution and thus you will get a great multi-functional cleaning product that you can use on all surfaces in your home, including for cleaning your metal kitchenware up to the most satisfactory results you can hope for.

  • Well of course, you do not need the heavy artillery on a daily basis. Your everyday cleaning needs can be perfectly covered by using simply the most common, oldest and well known among the homemade cleaning solutions, namely soapy water. If you want to wipe your floors, countertops and other surfaces clean, just fill a bucket with hot water and drop a generous quantity of good quality liquid soap in it. That should do the trick for the general needs of household cleaning.

Using those methods will save you time and energy, not to mention money. And your health would also be protected.